Discover Jewelry that Reflects Your Confidence and Personal Style!

You are a women who wears elegant but understated art jewelry to inspire  you to embrace the joy and wonder of living fully. Independent, confident, and articulate--you're not one to let life's challenges define you. You wear jewelry to:

  • Remind you to be strong in the face of adversity
  • Enhance your confidence and personal style
  • Celebrate your accomplishments and special moments

I create one-of-a-kind women's art jewelry infused with story and human touch. Rich in color, texture, and pattern, each piece is lightweight and durable. My jewelry is designed to inspire you, to celebrate you, and to complement your style. Whether you need a reminder of your strength, a keepsake of a special memory or occasion, or a touch of jewelry, you'll find it in my jewelry collections. Find a piece of jewelry that resonates with you!

How It All Started . . .

Pat with Bentley, her studio mate

Hi, my name is Pat, and I’m the woman behind my namesake brand. I’m no stranger to challenging life obstacles. For the past 20+ years I’ve lived with a chronic pain condition, called vulvodynia. When I was first diagnosed, pain consumed my entire life--working, driving, and most physical and leisure activities came to a complete halt. 

Finding treatments to relieve my symptoms was frustrating and exhausting. As my search for effective symptom relief started to stretch into years, I realized my life goals might be unattainable. I had to change my mindset about my future so that I could move forward.

Creativity has always been a constant in my life. Before my diagnosis I was creating and exhibiting mixed media work. I was also making polymer clay beads and jewelry for fun. After my diagnosis, I continued to design and create jewelry because I could work in short periods of time. For me, jewelry making is a relaxing, meditative process that engages both body and mind. Over time, I found my mind was less occupied with pain when I was creating jewelry. Sometimes, for short periods, the pain disappears completely.

I believe the act of creating, whether its jewelry, or another form of creative activity, is transformative because it lets us connect with other people. It can be inspiring and can elevate human experiences. Engaging in creative work returned to me the sense of purpose and identity I’d lost with the onset of chronic pain. It was instrumental in helping me to persist in finding helpful treatments.

My illness has created a lot of frustrations and challenges, but I don’t let it stop me from pursuing my goals or making a meaningful life. Read my full story.

Creating My Namesake Brand

As a way to help other women facing life challenges, I created my namesake brand to:

  • Share the healing and empowering nature of creative work.
  • Create a wearable reminder to uplift your spirit and help you stay connected to your purpose.
  • Spread awareness and understanding of vulvodynia by sharing my own story.

 About the Jewelry

I design and create hand-crafted mixed media jewelry using my own polymer clay beads and components. These elements are mixed with a variety of carefully sourced materials--gemstones, new and vintage beads, fibers, and precious and base metals to name a few. Pieces are slow-made with thought and care. My inspirations include nature, art history, music, ancient cultures, and travel. All jewelry is one-of-a-kind.  Read more about my jewelry.