More Jewelry Details

My jewelry is one-of-a-kind, handcrafted from polymer clay mixed with a variety of high quality materials.

  • I make all my own polymer clay beads and components. These pieces are not painted but are a combination of colored polymer clay.
  • I also make some of the metal elements, which will be noted in the item's description and details.
  • Metal leaf, pearlescent or metal powders, pastels, or oil or acrylic paint may be added to create different effects.
  • I may also add carefully sourced precious and base metals and wire, glass and gemstone beads and components, cords and ribbons, vintage components or beads, and findings, such as jump rings, clasps, and ear wires.
  • Other materials may include paper, silicone tubing, fibers, and sometimes found objects.
I create my jewelry using multiple hands-on processes and techniques that evolve over time and space. Multiple collections are usually in production at the same time. Find a piece that resonates with you!